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We are building our traffic day by day. We are nearing 80,000 unique hits at the moment and we have a number of advertising possibilities available at the present time.

Clickable Image Ads.

Our image ads appear down both sides of our landing page as well as down both sides of every article we publish.

On the right hand side of the pages we have our larger ads which are approximately 260 by 214 pixels and being on the right are ideally placed for the majority of the population to click easily.

On the left hand side we have smaller ads which are still clickable in the same way, we can make your clicked ads lead to any url you desire.

In-article ads.

We can place your clickable image into the main body of the article near the top thereby making your ad impossible to avoid, your image will spread across the whole body of the page if supplied as a panoramic shot or we will place the image to the left of the column as this tends to be more pleasing to the eye.


These are a very effective method of reaching out to your desired demographic. We will tailor make an article about your business in the same style as we normally create an article, when published this will be pushed out across Facebook, Twitter and Linkdin to our social media followers. We can create the imagery or we will use images you provide us with, these advertorials will be longer than our normal articles but still within optimum range for social media.

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