Kaifun. Asian and Western Eatery.

#25, St 334 (between 57 & 63), bkk 1, Phnom Penh. Priceclass: affordable. Open: 12pm -9pm.

Kaifun is on a quiet little backstreet in bkk 1 but is still right in the epicentre of the expat/embassy area. The place is set back from the street which gives a separation and almost a seclusion which is very nice of indeed, in fact the space it is in is very cool. The first thing you see when you enter what is essentially is a courtyard is a VW campervan converted to a small bar/ food preparation space and just beyond that is a nice big wood fired stone pizza oven. To the left on the opposite side of the courtyard is a large covered decking area with a selection of tables all with plenty of space around them and straight ahead is the indoor area/ ordering space with a nice balcony above.

Ok, so the food, everything is between $1.50 and $3.00 with most small dishes coming in at $1.50 and the intention here is to grab a couple of small dishes or more to vary the flavor intake, tapas style. We went for a couple of the individual style pizzas, mushroom burritos and a surf and turf bomba. The pizzas are great, nice thin crust and quite a good size for the price, they have slightly atypical toppings such as carbonara available as well which was really pretty good. The mushroom burritos were lively but my favorite was the bomba. This is a large ball of mashed potato, stuffed with meat in a sauce, deep-fried and then topped with what I think was a kind of tuna mayoniase. It was wonderful, I could just order three of those and be happy. I think two dishes each is good for lunch and maybe three or four for dinner.

The service was cheerful, smiley and prompt and something I liked was the way the menu was printed to resemble a newspaper, a design touch I have seen a number of times in the west but not here. One standout feature of Kaifun is that you can really separate from work and relax, next time I will try a friday afternoon where the happy afternoon gives you a two for one deal on cocktails and beers from three to six pm. 

This is a great place, could be a new staple for lunch food and make sure you have the time to relax over lunch because you may not want to go back to work.

023 900 545 / 012 882 631

Facebook: kaifun cambodia

Instagram: kaifun_pp

Lucien Grey.

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