Chaplins Bar and Grill.

St.108, near New Market, Phnom Penh. Price class; affordable.

So, Chaplins is a classy, beautifully renovated bistro style bar with a Charlie Chaplin theme. The first you see as you approach is the lovely decking providing outdoor seating which will only become better and better as the promised improvements to the infrastructure around here take place. Already however it is a great spacious area to sit and watch the world go by, the only problem is that if you stay outside you will miss the atmosphere of the inside which would be a shame.

The bar area is well thought out with the bar in the centre as you come in and a mezzanine area to the left showcasing the higher end spirits which mirror the boards on the opposite wall detailing the cost of said spirits. There are also two private VIP rooms which overlook the bar which have sofas and offer a little bit of separation from the action downstairs should you need it, a nice touch is also that these rooms are free to book and use, the bill you and your mates rack up is plenty for the bar they don’t feel the need to charge you for the space as well. Nice!

Chaplins is a hostess bar, but not a girly bar, there is no hassle, you will not be asked to buy the girls a drink and there is no barfining or anything like that. The model is simply that you have the choice, should you wish to exploit it, to sit and chat with one of the many beautiful, friendly girls working the bar and floor. Staff drinks, smartly not called lady drinks, are of course available and this is how the girls make a good part of thier wages so buying them a drink while they talk with you will always be appreciated. There are plenty of girls working too and they have been handpicked by the manager so the service is prompt and full of smiles as this is a guy with much history here in Cambodia and he knows what he is doing.

There are a good range of beverages available from the standard options like draft beer up to much more high end offerings, the food is being finalised as we publish, let us not forget that it is still in the soft opening days now on the eighth of July.

The location is good, it’s close to the riverside in an area where there are other major brands planning to open very soon such as Hard Rock Cafe. Speaking of branding, this is done well at Chaplins, the branding is consistant throughout everything from the uniforms of the girls to the bottles of soap in the bathrooms, this is a well designed idea from start to finish which deserves to do very well. Pop in and give it a try!

Contact the guys at:


Lucien Grey.

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