Nesat. Seafood restaurant in Russian Market area.

St.123, Tuol Tom Pong, Phnom Penh. Price range: affordable/cheaper eats

Nesat just opened it’s doors on the thirteenth of this month so it is just three days old but we think that going to work out just fine. Nesat means “fishing” in Khmer which seems appropriate for a restaurant selling fish and seafood, it is located handily on St. 123 directly opposite Alchemy and it is a cosy, intimate spot with lots of green plants around the edge of the terrace  affording cover for the diners sitting here.

Like some other places the food is cooked right there at the bar which I really like, it feels intimate and friendly. We ordered a plate of fresh oysters to start which came with sauces and additions and came promptly on ice of course and we got ten oysters for the frankly very reasonable sum of $3. Following the oysters we had fresh crab fried rice, barbequed squid and barbequed prawns. The food was excellent, very well prepared and bursting with flavor, the squid had no rubbery texture to it as it had been cooked perfectly and the fried rice was full of peices of beautiful crab meat. 

The guys, a Dutchman and two Khmer, get all the seafood delivered from Kampot and Kep every two days so if you are hankering for Kep crab look no further. The menu is nicely versatile too, different bbq options can be mixed and matched should you wish and there are a variety of marinades to coat the wonderful goodness in before the barbeque.

What is surprising about Nesat is the price, the food is all highly affordable with crab fried rice coming in at $4.25 for example but the real kicker for me is the fact that the beers are only seventyfive cents and this is no happy hour price, this is 24/7. So Nesat is now a new go to place for us to grab a couple of beers after work and should we get a little peckish then the oysters will be tempting us with thier thirty cents a pop goodness.

Pop in and give them a try this is a great new addition to the Russian Market area.

Lucien Grey

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