David’s Homemade Noodles and Dumplings.

Area: Riverside: Street 13/ corner of 172. Style: Khmer. Price: Cheap, $2-3 per main course.

There are quite a few places which do fresh noodles in town, David’s is one of them which we particularly like. The selling point is that if you order a noodle dish they are made fresh right in front of you, the dumplings as well are made from scratch. We started with the dumplings with shrimp to share, and we used the supplied garlic and mixed it with soy sauce as a dipping sauce, highly recommended. The dumplings are almost always good in Cambodia but they are often bought in, these are very obviously fresh and are very good indeed, a great sharing starter for $3.

We followed of course with the noodles, one plate of fried noodles with chicken and a bowl of noodle soup with pork, both with an extra egg which puts the price at $3 per dish. Again these are both excellent dishes, I have always prefered the soup however and as often with Khmer food the extra spices are provided on the table to add yourself rather than the Thai way of adding them in the dish, this is great for those that don’t handle chilli too well.

The location of the restaurant is great, it is very close to the Museum and the Riverside area and there is plenty of action to watch while you eat. The stock for the noodle soup is quite different from the chinese style and has a richer, meatier taste and the portions are very generous indeed. The prices of the beers are a touch more expensive than some of the places in this area at $1.25 but it is the case frankly that I don’t understand how the places which do beers for half a dollar can make any money on that at all and for this price for a can of beer I’m not unhappy. If you are on a tight budget you can always drink bottled water for half a dollar and go grab as many half dollar beers as you can drink afterwoods just round the corner.

We like this place!

In this area many of the the bars do lack lustre food for twice the price of David’s, pay the guys a visit, to help you find it they are right next door to Friends, the huge well known charity shop and restaurant helping former street kids, watch out for an article on those guys here soon. It is worth noting as well that if you want to make a difference with volunteering to help kids in a village outside of the city then David’s can offer you that chance as well, how good that opportunity is we have no idea, just talk to them and judge for yourselves.

Do stop by and order some noodles though, it’s a great option in the area.

Lucien Grey.


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