Sparck and Tawandang Microbrewery.


Mao Tse Tung Boulevard. Price: average of $5-10 to eat. Clientelle: Predominantly Cambodian.

Just off Mao Tse Tung, behind a petrol station and opposite the Chinese embassy is where you will find the Spark and Tawandang Microbrewery. It is however far from just a brewery, they have a huge restaurant with a concert stage that a festival back home would be proud of and they also have a massive outdoor cafe area with a couple of bars and several food stalls.

The guys brew Bavarian style beer of three types; lager beer, white beer and a dark beer and they are frankly very good. The beer in Cambodia, and in fact Asia, is usually very much the same and sometimes it is so nice to have something different.

During evening service there is a constant stream of artists providing quite a show, the performance setup is very professional, some serious money has been pumped into this place.

The food is really good too with service to match, the servers really seem to love the job, they are full of enthusiasm and laughter and they really make the evening as fun as they can for you. It goes without saying that the food has a very German feel to it with some great sausages available along with all the usual Khmer dishes too.

The clientelle is very much middle class Khmer and geared towards large parties but there are plenty of smaller tables too, in fact it is the sheer scale of the place which strikes you as you arrive, it is huge! Around the outside of the room are also a number of private rooms which are available to rent for your event should you want something a bit more exclusive, and as large group celebrations are well catered for here these seem to be popular. As we paid the bill to go and sit outside for a last couple of beers we were given a voucher for $10 off the next meal as well, bonus!

Also worth bearing in mind is that after the show at about ten happy hour kicks in with 50% off the beers both inside and out, it really doesn’t get much cheaper than that!

Quite simply this is a must try, yes it will cost you a bit more in a tuk tuk than staying on Riverside but there really is nowhere else quite like this place, it’s unique, $2-3 each way in the tuk tuk is a small price to pay, give it a try!

Lucien Grey.

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