The Lone Pine Cafe.

Street 282, just at the side of Wat Langka. Price: Mid-range.


The Lone Pine is a lovely little oasis just off the busy Street 51. American owned it serves up fantastic burgers, steaks and gumbo to an expat crowd.


On this occasion we both went for the burgers: I went for the El Camino, onions, bacon, cheddar and ranch dressing, served with fries; while my companion chose the Cordon Bleu, with swiss cheese and ham. The burgers are a full 700 g and you get that wonderful question

“How would you like them cooked sir?”

Thereby showing that the chef has confidence in the quality of the meat. The burgers were large, good value for the $8.50 they cost each, the beer was good, american pale ale is also available albeit a bit pricier.


The service is very good, unobtrusive but efficient and the owner himself is very welcoming. The level of English by all is good and the environment is great, I prefer to sit outside but that’s just me.

All in all a very good place for some comfort food in great surroundings, highly recommended. Next time I have to try the gumbo!

Lucien Grey.



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