Sundance Inn and Saloon.

St 172, Riverside Area, Phnom Penh. Price: Mid-range.

There are two branches of Sundance, one on 172 and the other right on Riverside itself but we are going to talk about the branch on 172.

Street 172 is very much a backpackers street, if you are after $5 dorm rooms, fifty cent beers and happy pizzas then this is probably the street for you. Don’t get me wrong I really like a couple of the bars on the street but one stands out as being head and shoulders above the rest and that is Sundance.

They offer the whole package here, they are a hotel, bar and restaurant and they have have motorbikes to rent and a travel service next door. They also have a nice little pool to relax in!

A number of nights a week they have live music and comedy and a great pool table. so, what is it that makes Sundance stand out from the crowd you ask?

Simple. They make the effort to do what they do a little better than the others in the area.

The rooms are between $15 and $25 and they are comfortable with cable TV and fast wifi, the pool is a great thing to have the use of and the food is very good, among the best on the street!

The staff and the service here are great. Rory and the girls are efficient and very friendly and the vibe is great, there are a number of freelance girls in the bar and the street sellers wander in now and then but if you get lucky there is a group of Cambodian breakdancers who pop in and take the floor for a few minutes. Otherwise there is plenty of live music at the weekends and they have a comedy night as well. The live music is well supported by a loyal crowd of both long and short term expats and while I am not a fan of too much live music the lights are on and shining brightly for the masses!

The food is good. They have Khmer food, English food and a heavy leaning towards Tex Mex, the dishes are priced at mid range and are really good, some of our favorites are the Chicken Cordon Bleu, Nachos and the Australian Steaks but it would be a mistake to forget the $1 Tacos and the fact that they bake their own exceptional bread every day. You can eat your fill here from $2-3 but the food averages out at about $5 per head which is just about where I draw the line between what I call cheap and mid-range.

 The drinks are also very good, no fifty cent beers here but at just a dollar you really can’t complain, you won’t get the irritation of indifferent service and that alone is worth more than a dollar. If mixed spirits are your thing then bear in mind that the measures here are really quite large, you need to ask for less if you don’t want so much alcohol. A recent addition is a stall making fresh fruit smoothies on the outside seating area.

There really isn’t much more to say, if you are on 172 then Sundance is a very good place to put your hard earned dollars!

Lucien Grey

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