Cambodia: The Land of Wonder.


“You’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy!”

Welcome to Phnom Penh! The capital city of Cambodia and a city which really gets under your skin, this is however not the easiest city to  get to know quickly but that’s fine, we can help!

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Want to know where the best homemade noodles in the city are? Do you need to eat top quality pasta tonight or just need to press that reset button with a good night out?

Ever wondered where the best mexican food can be found or keen to learn about that little known bar which does those great cocktails?


Do you just have two days in the city and really want to see something other than the well trodden tourist routes?

We can help!

Cambodia is often compared to it’s neighbouring countries but this just doesn’t seem fair, Cambodia is not Thailand and neither is it Vietnam, Cambodia may not have the same draw as these neighbours yet but it will have soon. When people realise what the country Is hiding we will see an increase in the number of people spending serious time here rather than just a few days on a larger route.

Phnom Penh has a lot to offer alongside the major tourist pulls, it has a sleepy character where rules are really mostly guidelines, it has some amazing places to eat and some fantastic places to drink. The culture here is different from it’s neighbours while of course sharing some common ground, in Thailand amazing streetfood is literally everywhere while here you may have to do a bit more looking, well guess what?

We can help!


Phnom Penh will get it’s claws into you if you give it the chance, while it may not be for everyone, where is?


Lucien Grey.